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Announcing Our Hometown Heroes

April 1st, 2021

Earlier this year, Lexus and Broadway In Boston asked for nominations of Hometown Heroes who have gone above and beyond for their community and neighbors. These Hometown Heroes could be a nurse, doctor, first responder, teacher, grocery worker, delivery driver, or another person working hard to help us all. Thank you to the many folks who nominated their friends, family, and co-workers. All of the nominations we received were inspiring and heartwarming.

We reviewed the nominees and chose five to highlight. Each will receive four tickets to an upcoming show when Broadway returns to Boston this Fall.

Our Broadway In Boston family is filled with incredible people. We are proud to celebrate all of the Hometown Heroes in the Greater Boston area who are helping our communities be safer, more inclusive, and altogether better for all of us. We look forward to coming together again to share the magic of live theatre soon.

Photo of winner Amy O'Malley and her family


Windham, NH
Nominated by Erica DiNitto

“My neighbor Amy has always been a selfless hero, but this year stepped up in ways I previously couldn’t even imagine. An oncology nurse at MGH with two young kids, Amy was moved to the COVID floor early on, then COVID ICU and then COVID Hospice…managing the uncertainly/unknown of all the new treatments and equipment and loss. Her husband (also an essential worker keeping the power on) would leave clothes in the garage to help her race in for a shower immediately upon return given the fears early on. She didn’t have to work…but she took on extra shifts instead of staying home. Through everything, she remained a light of calm, hope and refuge for our neighborhood…even when she didn’t have enough PPE for her shifts. Her grace and strength are unmatched and an inspiration – these frontline workers continue to be the real heroes of 2020.”
Photo of winner Judi Alpern King and her family


Needham, MA
Nominated by Martha Abdella

“Judi founded The Wily Network in 2015 to offer support to students attending college in Greater Boston without financial or other assistance from their families. Wily provides them with clinical coaching, supplemental financial assistance, and a community that prioritizes their well-being and celebrates their successes. Seventy Wily Scholars currently attend 11 colleges and universities in Greater Boston. The Wily staff of 13 is supported by a broad network of volunteers and donors. Learn more at”

Photo of winner Karim Anis wearing a medical mask


Boston, MA
Nominated by Howaida Kamal

“Karim became the Chief Resident at Carney Hospital in the midst of COVID when Carney became the first designated COVID hospital in the country. He was put in charge of the night shift, with twice as many ICU patients and for the first few weeks, without the supervision of any senior attendings on site. He signed up for extra shifts to cover when his co-workers got sick. He truly exemplifies the leadership and sacrifice that all frontline workers showed this past year, and for that I would like to thank him.”

Photo of winner Katherine Westfield


Boston, MA
Nominated by Margaret Westfield

“My daughter, Katherine, is a Boston Public School teacher. Since COVID hit, she has not only kept teaching but has delivered food baskets to students who have told her that they are food insecure. She is privately tutoring a student in foster care who has a baby of her own. She has mailed postcards to her students to let them know that she has not forgotten them. She delivered Chromebooks to students who needed them. She has gone above and beyond during this difficult time.”

Photo of winner Patrick Breen


Medford, MA
Nominated by Natalie Breen

“My brother is a rockstar! Sure, he plays the guitar but he also is on the frontlines during all of COVID. For the last 5 years, he has worked as a bagger at Stop & Shop and has worked every week during the pandemic without calling out once! My brother exemplifies that folks of all abilities are able to contribute. He is on the Autism spectrum and proud to help!”