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Christy Altomare - Freedom Inside - WI

Watch Christy Altomare’s Joyous Music Video for ‘Freedom Inside’

June 15th, 2021 | By Caitlin Moynihan

Broadway favorite Christy Altomare has released a new music video for her original song “Freedom Inside” from her album Wandering Bird that will have you dancing all day long! Filmed in Central Park in one take, the former star of Anastasia dances over a bridge and through the park while singing out with joy. Broadway’s Jess LeProtto directed and choreographed the music video (shot in one take!), which features dancers Joshua Dawson, Logan Epstein, Daniel Gaymon, Kathleen Laituri, Jacob Lill, Grace Lord, Ryland Marbutt, Georgia Monroe, Madison O’Connor and Matt Wiercinski. Check out the video below for a daily dose of sunshine!


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